International School of Neuchâtel – private school

Montessori School – bilingual English-French – pre-primary and primary

The wish to learn and to open up to the world

The ISN is a private, pre-primary and primary international school which applies the principles of the Montessori pedagogy. Founded in 1986, our school offers children aged from 3 to 12 years of age a bilingual English-French environment. Our pupils benefit from linguistic immersion, and learn at their own pace within a carefully prepared and stimulating environment. Each pupil learns how to become independent and to develop a positive attitude toward work while fulfilling his/her potential.
We promote the embracing of diversity and prepare the children to become citizens of the world.


International School of Neuchâtel
Rue de Sainte-Hélène 50
2000 Neuchâtel

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Our strengths

Montessori School

Our teaching is founded on
the Montessori method, and
we deliver pre-primary and
primary education to your children. Whatever the
subjects taught, Maria Montessori’s fundamental principle enables the children
to work freely and at their own pace in a structured and stimulating environment, in keeping with their needs and their developmental capacities

International School

The ISN follows the Montessori program, as well as the Swiss program (PER). This is also suitable for those pupils for whom the English language will be essential in order, later on, to adapt to an English-speaking syllabus. We currently welcome 115 pupils of 25 nationalities for multilingual education and comprehensive learnings.

Bilingual School

The international Montessori program includes the objectives of the Plan d'études romand (PER). Bilingual education is provided by two qualified teachers who are constantly present in the classroom. Thus, the children always learn in total immersion in both English and French.

Private School

The ISN welcomes children aged from 3 to 12 years of age and offers individual-oriented teaching. Our daily program covers from 7:45 to 17:30. A library, a performance hall,
and a private playground are available to our pupils, and we offer a supervised study period for the pupils of the elementary section, as well as after-school care for the younger ones. In addition, German is taught to our pupils from age 6. All the meals served in our cafeteria bear the “Agri Local” label.




The International School of Neuchâtel follows Maria Montessori’s motto: “Help me to do it myself”. In consequence, our pedagogical material enables the children to learn by themselves and to take responsibility for their actions.

Opening Times

07h45 - 18h00
07h45 - 18h00
07h45 - 18h00
07h45 - 18h00
07h45 - 18h00

Give your children the opportunity to enjoy learning!

The Montessori Method will enable them to develop their sense of mutual respect and social responsibility, and guide them on the road to bilingual learning.

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